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HRSAluglaze offers unique & contemporary designs for upscale living. Our products are crafted in India, keeping in mind local climatic conditions. Each of our product offers a class in itself for contemporary living.
A WEALTH OF EXPERIENCE With more than 28 years of Industry experience, HRS Aluglaze has established itself as an Industry leader in business of aluminium doors, windows and accessories for real estate projects. With highly experienced team equipped with modern day skills & craftsmenship, we are confident of delivering high-value solutions in wide range of spectrum.
A WAY OF DOING THINGS DIFFERENTLY Quality, work ethics & transparency are the values we believe in. We take pride in staying abreast of industry trends & delivering excellence in each project we take up. Our commitment towards high quality of workmanship has rewarded us with trust that our clients have put in us.
Residential Projects
Security. Style. Comfort.
We give utmost priority to above values while working on any household project. Our revolutionary products are known to reduce energy costs, enhance your living experience & offer unique style to each home.
Commercial Projects
We have delivered some of the landmark projects starting from design till completion.

Louvre Windows

HRSAluglaze is known for providing variety in configurations, colors, styles & standards. Our high performance aluminium windows will not only suit your requirements, but also exceed energy efficiency standards.

Aluminium Sliding Windows

Turn your room into breezy & airy oasis with our stylish sliding windows. Our aluminium windows are cost effective solutions for allowing air movement in areas such as patio, rooms and balcony.

Openable Windows

Living spaces with limited access needs better air movement. Our openable windows are great fits for such closed living spaces, providing comfort and style with ease.

Facade Glazing

Glazing window can dramatically improve the comfort of a room, home or building by reducing the noise and creating a comfortable, stable indoor temperature.


Aluminium doors are great option when it comes to picking light weight, secure and stylish door. Our door products are great in style and comes in variety of colors and design. HRSAluglaze doors are superior in terms of security & value for money choice for any home or business.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors by HRSAluglaze are great solution for a free access between indoor & outdoor recreational areas.

Bifold Windows / Doors

Bifold doors serves purpose of easy, quick access between indoor & outdoor recreational areas. Our bifold doors are crafted to provide ease & comfort with mesmerizing styling.
Pipe Screening

Goyal & Co – Orchid Pride, South Bopal

Goyal & Co – Rivera One – Prahlad Nagar

Glass Work

Goyal & Co – Rivera One – Prahlad Nagar

Goyal & Co – Orchid Pride – South Bopal

Goyal & Co – Orchid Pride – South Bopal

What we offer
Our experience of handling high-end projects has made us leaders in offering superior quality & craftsmanship for leading commercial projects. Our specialization includes:


Our wide distribution network is capable of delivering on your requirements on time, with precision. For any residential, commercial or industrial requirement, we are your trusted partners to provide door & window solutions in bulk.


Installation of aluminium doors & windows is at the core of our business. With precision fitting and highly professional staff, we ensure our clients live worry free when they work with us.

Custom Made

We are dedicated to innovation and quality, offering custom-made aluminium products to deliver the most fitting and flexible designs. Our custom designed products will match your requirements perfectly, ensuring best style and comfort for your residential, commercial & industrial structures.

Balcony Enclosures

Balcony enclosures are important for any commercial or residential space. Our enclosure solutions are highly modern, stylish and made using the latest technologies. Safety, quality and style are guaranteed with our balcony enclosures.

Windows replacement

Window repairs, replacements and scheduled services are important services for us. We provide emergency repair services too, ensuring utmost care for your livingspace. Our qualified workforce specializes in repairs & replacements of windows.
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